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Rachel Roberts is sultry retro jazz pop. Born in the underground rock factory of Akron, Ohio, Rachel turned her opera singing pedigree on it's head and has been belting out her quixotic cocktail of 1 part Feist, 1 part Joss Stone, a splash of Sade with a lemon twist of Pat Benatar since she was 14. Performing as both solo singer songwriter and guitarist, as well as the front woman for her bands, Rachel's Secret Stache and Sexis Sixes, Rachel both mesmerizes and throttles her fans into an epic rush. Roberts moved to West Hollywood in 2011, to continue singing and acting, and has made it her home base as she tours the country.

Roberts currently has three full length albums and an EP.

Her first, "Ripe n' Juicy" sold out and has been enticing audiences with songs about playful love and "extra-supersaturated juicy little spots." Very raw with only her acoustic guitar and voice, it bursts with intimate sensuality.

Her second album, "Lightning Loves the Kite" is a conceptual art piece, with lyrical genius depicting a story of a lightning bolt that falls in love with a kite. Her mixed use of electric and acoustic guitars, and piano bring new light to this multi-talented artist. Roberts' collaborated with multi-media designer Pita Brooks to create a video synchronized with a theatrical performance which showcases Roberts as an actress and a "story-telling musical composer." Of course a lightning bolt and a kite can not live happily ever after, as songs of unrequited love tell, but the message of this album is to embrace the happiness of each moment, feeling grateful for love even after it is gone.

Roberts' third album is with her rock band, Rachel's Secret Stache. "The Brown Bag" released in 2009 has such hits as "Bloody Knees" and "Mixed Up". Roberts voice is much more rocking, edging Pat Benatar and Heart. The band consists of drummer Anne Lillis, guitarist Dave Andrews, and bassist Joe Golden. Roberts dominates the rhythm guitar, and her rock songwriting brings her into a different genre altogether. The stage show is sexy energy and velocity combined with catchy tunes that rouse desire from bodies and ears.

Rachel Roberts has performed live 2-4 performances a week since 2005 and has been on two national independent tours. Her live performances are captivating, emotion driven and seductive.

She recently returned from studying Spanish and folkloric music in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Roberts is currently working on two new albums. Her new band with Ryan Beke, SEXIS SIXES, just finished recording their first album entitled "Retroflections." They are anxious to release in the spring of 2013.

"Love is the Color" (her third solo album) is currently in session.